Snow Machine Rental

We provide professional Antari S-500 snow machines to the general Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-Hill area.

On this page, you can find information on renting machines for your event. We can drop them off, set them up for you, or we can do a full production for you (like a tree lighting event as an example).

If you're looking for a full service activity or something for a party/event you're doing, check out our Snow Parties (for kids parties/community events).

Flurries or a full blown blizzard, anywhere anytime.

No clean up, safe, foam based snow that isn't slippery and is just as fluffy as the real thing


Antari S-500 Silent Night Rental

We LOVE this machine for it's versatility, it's incredible output, and for how quiet it is.  It produces an amazing special effect of falling snow (but keep in mind it's not "real" snow). If you've ever seen "Snoap" at Disney or similar theme parks - they probably used this machine.

This machine features:

  • Adjustable flake size, quiet operation
  • Coverage depends on wind/snow juice formulation but typically 75+ ft float/drop
  • 35 ft hose so you can mount the snow emitter almost anywhere for very convincing snow fall effects.
  • DMX controllable for theater/church/etc use

Unlike cheaper machines, you can produce a very convincing effect without making a mess or leaving the floor slippery.

Want help with setup? We can help!


There are two main ways to rent this machine. One way is a drop off DIY rental. That means we'll bring it out to you, and pick it up. You handle everything in between. We will supply you with snow juice for the amount of time you need to run the machine.

The other way is full service rental. For full  service, we can either simply help with the rigging/placement of the machines (site visit fee applies) or we can do a full blown production for you (such as for a tree lighting in your town square or shopping center).

Pricing for full service varies greatly and requires a consultation for a quote.


Drop off service in the Wake County area starts at $800 per day and $600 per half day (5 hour rental) and includes snow juice for up to 2 hours of operation. This is PER machine. We typically recommend pairing machines outdoors when you can.

Additional juice is available. You may not use your own juice. Cost is typically $50 per additional hour. We have various formulations for indoor/outdoor use.

Indoor use should be limited to a few minutes at a time.

A discounted rate is available for multiple day rentals, please inquire.

Delivery for adjacent counties is $200 per delivery, further distances available, please ask for a quote.

Snow Parties

Our snow parties are approximately an hour, include (optional) music, and a faux snowball fight activity. These are great for kids events (Daycares, schools, etc), HOA and community events, and anywhere you need a fun winter-themed event.  This is fully done-for-you.

You can see what a snow party looks like and learn more here. Cost starts around $399+tax in Wake county.

Full service pricing

Please reach out to us to discuss full service pricing. It is extremely difficult to give a price without knowing the details of your event 🙂